Voice & Accent

A lot of times we are judged or labelled because of our heavy accent or our Mother tongue influence (MTI). The core objective of this course is to help you overcome these difficulties and speak in a neutral accent which is Polished, Fluent, Easily understood, Error free and is an internationally accepted standard. More so, this course will enable you to understand various accents of English Speaking regions like USA, UK, and Australia
This course is crafted to help you with correct ‘Pro-nun-c-a-tion’ and Error free speech.
You would also learn to make an impact while talking, through Voice Modulation.

Top 10 Benefits of Voice and Accent Course:
Introduction to Phonetics
Learning correct Pro-Nun-C-A-Tion
Be able to understand various sounds in English
Be able to understand various International English accents
Be able to persuade the audience by Modulating your Voice
Speak flawlessly without the fear of not being understood.
To be able to get rid of ones ‘Mother Tongue influence’ (MTI)
To understand rules of voice and accent to avoid terrible mistakes
Be able to do well in career by conducting confident Presentations and Meetings
Be able to interact confidently (speak and understand) with International clients, Customers, Colleagues and Friends.
Voice and Accent : Course Content
MTI reduction
Word stress
Right Postures
Voice modulation
Does and Don’ts
Rules or Voice and accent
Tongue & Jaw positioning
Introduction to Phonetics