Why people are behind in their career

The wrong notion I have met so many employees and what I see, sadly, is that they are not putting in 100% efforts.  One of the reasons is that they think it is company's work and not their own, so what's the point working so hard; The company will be benefitted not me. Well, such thoughts would not take us far in life and career. Let's take into consideration another set of employees who think differently. They work hard, do late nights(if need ... Read more

7 Mantras – To Win in Life

1. Don't work just for money: that's the mistake a lot of us do: I once met a person, who had high enthusiasm and wanted to build his own Mobile Application. No doubt his idea was good. But guess what, he did not succeed. Few years later I asked him one simple question. Why you wanted to build this Mobile APP? The Answer was "because I want to make a lot of money". You see, that's where the problem was. His ... Read more

7 Things to do in your 20’s

1. Get to know yourself Sadly, a lot of youngsters are often too confused about making decisions and choices in their lives. This majorly happens because so many don't even know themselves inside out. They don't know what they're good at, what are their Strengths and Weaknesses. Because of this many can't even choose their career and lack confidence. As a result they are dependent on friends and family to take decisions on their behalf or they always need some Guidance & Help. ... Read more

Planning to Start new Business or Just Started One …A Must read for Entrepreneurs.

There was a point in time when we all were raised to be employees and were taught to think like Employees. There were a very few who wanted to be entrepreneurs and wanted to start their own business. But now the times have changed. We all now think like entrepreneurs and we all have atleast one idea or a business plan in mind. But for a lot of you who are planning to start your own business/company, Here are 6 things that ... Read more

Is CONFUSION Good or Bad ?

CONFUSION is something that is not looked at with great respect by society and people around us. If people find someone confused they consider him/her a little less intelligent or maybe as someone who lacks Clarity, so to speak. We more often than not hear people say to each other… Why are you always so confused? Or something like, Why you don’t know what you have to do? Or 10 other things that people may say when they find you Confused ... Read more

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