Train The Trainer

There are innumerable Trainers/Teachers in the market. Ever wondered, why only few win hearts and rest are easily forgotten?

This program is skilfully designed for Trainers & Teachers to become Excellent in terms of communication and to become someone who can persuade and spell-bound the audience.

Top Benefits of Train The Trainer program
Discovering  the Preacher in you
Learning to understand the psyche of audiences
Learning to retain the attention of the attendees
Help trainer learn to manage learners during a Session/Program
Helping build self confidence of the trainer, so he could help participants stay focused & motivated
Helping the trainer to learn to deliver the intended message with great ease and excellence
Helping the participants to become comfortable and receptive for a better learning experiences
Train-The-Trainer : Course Content
Objection Handling
Reading the Body language
Understanding your audience
Effective Communication Skills
Trainer Vs Teacher, Coach & Mentor
Learning proven Training Methodologies
Top 11 Qualities of an Influential Trainer
Powerful Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
Managing & Handling Difficult Participants & Situations
Ice-breakers, Games, Stories to create interest in training’s
Getting the best out of all participants

Train-The-Trainer Course Key Highlights:

Well- crafted course with highly useful course material
Interactive cum fun learning sessions full of games, activities and role plays.
Conducted by the Corporate Trainer who has Trained & Coached more than 6000 professionals including personnel in Senior Managements like Managing Directors, Vice Presidents and thousands from all walks of life.
Trainers to conduct training in a real classroom set up using Audio-Video aid like Power Point and AVs
Certificate on completion of Train-The-Trainer Course.