7 Things to do in your 20’s

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Things to do in your 20's
1. Get to know yourself
Sadly, a lot of youngsters are often too confused about making decisions and choices in their lives.
This majorly happens because so many don’t even know themselves inside out. They don’t know what they’re good at, what are their Strengths and Weaknesses. Because of this many can’t even choose their career and lack confidence. As a result they are dependent on friends and family to take decisions on their behalf or they always need some Guidance & Help. Folks, We follow many celebs on Insta, You tube and Facebook but we hardly know the real hero which is right inside of us.

Let me help you, Try doing this small Exercise. Spend sometime alone and think why You do what You do. Why do you like what you like. What makes you Happy, what Ticks you off. What are Your strengths; what are you good, and what is your Weakness. When you ask such questions to yourself you actually dig deep inside your heart and mind and discover the real you.

2. Experiment
People don’t experiment because of fear of failure. They are afraid to fail. They are afraid of people laughing on them. The way I see it is that, if we don’t experiment we will never be able to know our real potential. Here’s a question to you – How do you know you like or you don’t like something unless you try it? How would you know if you are good at something unless you actually do it? Well, If you haven’t experimented and haven’t tried new things then You Have Not Lived your Life.

3. Travel
Your 20s will give you enough time, money and opportunities to travel. Go out & see the beauty of nature, try new cuisines, understand how people act, dress & behave differently. See how new opportunities can be explored in different parts of the country and world. Pick your buddy, plan a random trip and just go…

4. Watch Movies and Good TV Series:
This is a must! Make a list of best movies and shows that ever existed. And watch all those epic movies or TV series, when you get time. It will not only refresh you and widen your perspective towards life, but these will also teach you many useful things that can be immensely helpful in life. It has always worked for me and millions of others. (Harvey Spector is my Hero..who is Yours..Winks….)

5. Have the right role model
Choosing a great role model for yourself is the first step to becoming great. When you decide to be like the person you admire, you end up making a blue print of success for yourself. Read about their lives, see how they handled failure, what things they did right, How many hours they worked in a day. In short copy the best things about them and you will see that you are on your way to become the next great thing.

Every successful person has had a Guru, Mentor or a Role Model, who is yours?
Note: Please be careful in choosing your role model as choosing the wrong one can take you off course in life.

6. Work to learn than to just make money
I just want to keep it simple. Just learn as much as you can. Don’t say no to new learning experiences because you are paid less. Just master your art, try and be the expert in your arena and then see everything will follow you including Money, Fame and True Power.

7. Do things you are afraid of doing
Do me a favour; Make a list of things that you are afraid of. It could be starting up your own business, or fear of water, fear of height, Public Speaking or even Relationships. Just go out and start facing your fears one by one. Go do water sports, go do bungee jumping, go start your own business (even in the smallest way possible). If you have had a bad relationship in the past, it’s alright, don’t get disheartened, the next best person may just be waiting for you.

In doing so you will realize that your fears were not as big as you thought they were. You are always bigger than them. I’ll tell you what, facing your fears will give a great boost to your confidence and will raise your self esteem ten folds; not to mention it makes you a fearless warrior too.

Say yes to Life
You are a Champion !

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