Planning to Start new Business or Just Started One …A Must read for Entrepreneurs.

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There was a point in time when we all were raised to be employees and were taught to think like Employees. There were a very few who wanted to be entrepreneurs and wanted to start their own business. But now the times have changed. We all now think like entrepreneurs and we all have atleast one idea or a business plan in mind.

But for a lot of you who are planning to start your own business/company, Here are 6 things that you must must must remember. Also, People who are already running their Own set up can also read this article to Reprogram their thoughts and mind .

Have a strong purpose.
Ask yourself why do you want to start your own business or a company?? Is it because everyone around you is doing it, or it’s just that you are influenced by someone who is doing well in business, or is it that you don’t like your boss?? Moreover, are you thinking that starting your own business will give you loads of money?

Well, if these are your reasons then you might wanna think twice and be a little more cautious. You see, It is very easy to start a company but to sustain is the most difficult part; let alone making profits. However, If you have a strong purpose and you want to do it because your instincts tell you to, or because you have an idea, product or a service that can help Mankind, Societies or Organisations in someway, then you have nothing to worry about. Start Today!

You have to do better than the existing market players
One of the American Billionaires – Marc Andreessen once said that ‘new companies should not come in the market because the existing ones are doing a good job already. If new company has to enter a market it has to serve better than the existing ones. So, go the extra mile and do what others are not willing to do.’ It says it all folks, doesn’t it?

Work for customers’ satisfaction; not for money
If you start off and if you have only one goal in mind which is to fill your own pockets with customers’ money, then it may not be the right mindset for now. In the beginning, you have to think of nothing but to give best product/service and strive for Customer Satisfaction and Delight. Once you do so you will realise that customers are more than happy to put money in your pockets, if they are happy. Remember, Money is a result; It is an Out-Come of the In-Put that you give.

Do your first 50 sales yourself:
I meet a lot of people who have started their own business but are not willing to do sales themselves. They hire people and are largely dependent on them to go out and generate sales for them. Well there is nothing wrong in it; However, if you can crack first few deals yourself you will be in a much better position to tell your employees/team members on how to actually approach the sales (Lead by example). Usually sales is the most important element in the success of any business. Please make an attempt to learn it, so you can guide others and lead by example instead of being too dependent on others.

Remember this when you feel like Quitting:
You will at one point in time incur disappointment, we all do! A time where your business may not go the way you planned. You may be doing all you can, but still things may not go right. Buddy, All I wanna tell you is ‘it is part of this journey called Entrepreneurship’.

I want to tell you a few things which will help you a great deal.
Firstly, Remember that disappointments and set backs are temporary; It will surely pass, No matter what.
Secondly, Remember – ‘There is always a way’. If one strategy doesn’t work, don’t stop try another then another and then another. You will figure out a way eventually; just the way Thomas Edison discovered a light bulb after trying more than 1000 times.
Lastly, what I see is that a lot of people when going through their tough times in business get depressed, blame market, blame their fate, comparing themselves with others or even spending a lot of time either questioning their abilities or re-thinking if it was a right decision to start a business. I suggest don’t waste time thinking so much and stress yourself. Over thinking ruins everything. Just Follow one golden rule…’Action is better than Inaction’. Instead of filling your mind with negative thoughts just take the next smallest step that you can take and KEEP MOVING FORWARD ! Always concentrate on solving problems, that’s the mindset you as an entrepreneur should always have.

Eat healthy, Sleep well and Exercise at least thrice a week:
Last but not the least. If this point isn’t taken seriously don’t even bother about the rest of the points mentioned above because without good health, running a business is truly impossible. You will have to do endless meetings, presentations, travelling, late nights and still be ready to take a lot more. In all of this, there is one thing you need the most – Good Health. So I’m requesting all you guys to eat healthy, not stay hungry, Avoid eating Junk, Drink fluids and most importantly exercise, jog, swim, run, cycle or do whatever you like, atleast thrice a week.

Cheers and Good Luck!

Mr. Amit Dubey is a Coach, Soft Skills & Behavioral Trainer, Speaker & Lecturer. He is also the Founder of The Dream Sculptors – Institute for Training & Development.

Amit Dubey has touched thousands of hearts till date and has trained & Coached more than 10,000 people from all walks of life including employees from companies like Castrol, Aditya Birla, Hitachi, HDFC, Canon, ONGC and many more. He has trained Actors, Teachers, Students, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Engineers and many many more

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