IELTS / TOEFL / PTE Coaching

The Objective of the program :

To help the aspirants score better in the English Language Proficiency tests (IELTS/TOEFL/PTE) they want to take, to go abroad for their higher studies or lucrative Job opportunities.

IELTS/TOEFL/PTE coaching program
Top 10 benefits of the program

Thorough understanding and clarity of the all the 4 modules
Getting to know proven techniques to score better
Helpful and resourceful Study material
Hands-on repeated practise for all the 4 modules with special feedback from the expert trainer, every single time
Learning enriching vocabulary to help you score better than most
Polishing the long forgotten grammar again
Personalized attention with strictly 5 students per batch
Doubt solving sessions before the exams
Mock sessions conducted to measure participant’s improvement
360º support from us to help you achieve your target for the test
Course Content
  1. Practising on 30+ test related speaking topics
  2. Mock sessions
  3. Constructive feedback given by the expert trainer
  4. Tests are conducted frequently before the commencement of actual exams
  1. Learning to differentiate between hearing and listening
  2. Getting used to foreign Accents
  3. Tests are conducted frequently before the commencement of actual exams
  4. Tricks to find correct answers Tricks to find correct answers
  1. Learning formal and informal Letter writing
  2. Practising to write effective Essays
  3. Practising worldwide accepted standard & format
  4. Get a feedback and a rating
  1. Comprehensive learning approach
  2. Rigorous practise
  3. Enhance reading skills
  4. Learning tricks and techniques to score better