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Confusion 1CONFUSION is something that is not looked at with great respect by society and people around us. If people find someone confused they consider him/her a little less intelligent or maybe as someone who lacks Clarity, so to speak. We more often than not hear people say to each other…

  • Why are you always so confused?
  • Or something like, Why you don’t know what you have to do?
  • Or 10 other things that people may say when they find you Confused about Life and Plans


Well, Here is another aspect to it. I believe confusion is the first step to clearing your mind. If you are confused meaning you are trying to find answers to unsolved and unclear questions in your mind and life. I’ll tell you a small secret; “The secret is that Confusion leads to Solutions”. If you are not confused it means either you are accepting things the way they are or may be you are just following the path that people around you have walked through.

You see confusion leads to doubts and restlessness which in turn creates a strong need to find an Answer to the unanswered questions and situations in life. Confusion helps you challenge the status quo; Confusion eventually helps you discover the undiscovered; Confusion helps you innovate. If you are not confused how will you create roadmaps that will be followed by millions, even after you are long gone.

Uljhoge nahi toh suljhoge kaise” ?

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