The Objective of the program :

To improve the efficiency level of participants and enable them to express themselves in English, in their daily life situations at work, college, home and in their society.

Basic English program
Top 12 benefits of the program

Help the participants understand the fundamentals of English Grammar.
Enable them to construct grammatically correct.
Introduce them to correct pronunciation
Raise their proficiency level in communication so that they can express their thoughts and ideas explicitly in English.
Increase their repertoire of vocabulary
Be able to listen and understand the language well
Speak more fluently and clearly
Increase your confidence
Be able to present yourself and your ideas well
Be able to speak confidently in social gatherings
Enabling you to give confident interviews
Be able to get better jobs and succeed in Professional & Personal life.
Course Content
To work on your Basic Communication

Writing and Speaking basic sentences
Basic Grammar
Mirror Practise
Confidence building
Basics of Email writing
Basic presentation skills
Types of verbs and their Uses
Listening practice in English
Getting introduced to public Speaking
3 tenses in English and their 4 types
Fundamentals of Personality Development
Introducing oneself and people/things around