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Mr. Amit Dubey is a young and a passionate human being who has touched thousands of hearts till date. He has Trained/Coached/Mentored people from more than 30 Cities in India and from all walks of life. He is driven by a desire to help people transform.

His mission is to help Individuals and Companies evolve by creating highly customized and effective programs that help them achieve nothing but Mastery & Excellence.

Trained more than 8000 people till date

Soft Skills Programs 90%
Behavioural Program 88%
Coaching 95%
Sales Training 87%
Transformational & Motivational Programs 92%
Workshops & Training Sessions
Amit has conducted impactful & result oriented Sessions on a host of significant subjects like

Train the Trainer / Teacher
Communication Skills
Business Communication
Spoken English
Public Speaking
Voice and Accent
Work Life Balance
Time Management
Stress Management
Complete Personality Development
Presentation Skills
Mastery in Interview Techniques
Sales Training & Customer Service
Leadership & Team Building
Emotional Intelligence
Business/ E-mail/ Telephone & Dinning Etiquette
The road thread so far
  • He has Coached & Trained more than 8,000 people till date from over 30 cities in India
  • Has Trained & Coached employees of companies like Citibank, Hitachi, Aditya Birla, HDFC, JP Morgan, Canon, Honeywell and many more on Soft Skills and Behavioural aspects.
  • Trained & Coached Managing Directors, Vice Presidents, Doctors, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Actors, HR’s, Principals, Teachers, Students, Home makers and thousands from all walks of life.
  • Has Trained Professionals from Entry to Senior Management Level
  • Has prepared senior officials for IAS and IIM Interviews
  • Visiting Faculty at reputed Educational Institutes and Colleges in Mumbai
  • Gets invited as a Speaker to speak on topics like Motivation, Women Empowerment and many others, that help our society change for better.
Other contributions
  • Counselled & Coached people to overcome problems and challenges in their Professional & Personal lives.
  • Young, Creative, Passionate and Inspirational human being who is motivated to help people do better in Life & Career.