The Objective of the program :

This course is specially designed for participants who can read, write, speak and understand English but lack correctness, confidence, fluency and command over the language.

Advanced English program
Top 14 benefits of the program

Framing simple and complex sentences correctly
Understanding the complexities of English grammar with ease.
Learning the “Art of Expression” in English language
Understanding the essence of Business English
Be able to have conversation on any situation and any topic fearlessly. 
Speak in a neutral accent and be able to understand US/UK/AUS Accents.
Be able to draft expressive and apt Emails or Letters
Introduction to Effective Presentation Skills
Add more to your persona by learning Grooming
Be able to conduct meetings well
Walk hand in hand with the competitive market
Add richness to your language by enriching repertoire of your vocabulary.
Be able to speak confidently in social gatherings & Family Functions
Advanced Grammar : Course Content
To add depth in your Overall Communication

Email Writing
Public Speaking
Voice and Accent
Verbs and Tenses
Business Etiquette
Direct Indirect Speech
Personality Development
Business Communication
Parts and figure of Speech
Active and Passive voice
Complex sentence constructions
Group Discussion and Role Plays
Learning the Proven Interview techniques