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1. Don’t work just for money: that’s the mistake a lot of us do:
I once met a person, who had high enthusiasm and wanted to build his own Mobile Application. No doubt his idea was good. But guess what, he did not succeed. Few years later I asked him one simple question. Why you wanted to build this Mobile APP? The Answer was “because I want to make a lot of money”. You see, that’s where the problem was. His focus was on just making money !

If we read stories of greatest people who’ve ever lived, we will realise that making money wasn’t the first thing on their mind. They developed Skills or Ideas that would either solve problems of people or would make their life better than it actually is.

2. Work like an Entrepreneur:
Entrepreneurs are people who are self-motivated. I have always believed that we all can and should be entrepreneurs of our lives. Yes, You read it right! Here, I don’t mean we should necessarily start something of our own. What I mean is, we should stop depending on external motivation. Why do we have to wait for our parents to remind us to study? Isn’t it our own career and life? Why do we need our boss/client to be on our head to get work done? Aren’t we hired and paid to do that anyway? Why do we need someone to remind us about the duties we are responsible for.

I challenge you to take charge of your life. Stop procrastinating and start doing what you must.

3. Be a Copy-Cat:
Chanakya, One of the greatest king makers, once said that “One life isn’t enough, if you want to learn from your own mistakes”. I consider it true. If we want to grow faster, we need to learn to copy good things from people, if we aren’t already doing it.

For instance, if you see anyone around you doing something fantastically, just copy it. Get inspiration from their technique and do your own improvisation. Say suppose, your boss gives spectacular presentations and makes more sales than his peers. Well then brilliant, just understand what he does, how he does it,  COPY IT and add your own Flavour.

4. Pick up a skill/area and be second to only god in it:
Do me a favour. Sit with a pen and a notepad. Narrow down to one area in which you want to be an expert. It could be any skill or area you would like to specialize in.

Once you figure out what it is, the 2nd step is to know everything there is to know about that skill, in order to excel in it (including courses you would have to do). Then work so hard and be so very good with it that whenever that skill/specialization is spoken of, your name comes on top of the chart. Just the way we think of Sachin Tendulkar when the word cricket is uttered.

5. Make at least 2 trustworthy friends:
We all have seen ups and downs in our lives. It is inevitable. We can’t avoid it, no matter who we are and what we do. At such times, we need good friends. The ones we can speak openly with, without any fear and filters. The ones who can guide us back to the right path and make all the elements of negativity and self-doubt fade away.

I am a Coach, so believe me when I say, “these heart to heart conversations with friends can be therapeutic and healing. It can give you great strength to fight temporary phases of life called ‘Tough-Times’ “.

6. Don’t follow the herd, be different:
I was watching a movie called MS Dhoni the other day. Post that, I read a book about him. It made me think and realize something very important. MS Dhoni had a different technique of batting and wicket keeping, unlike others. When I saw his captaincy, his decision-making seemed so unconventional, unlike others. If you see his career, life and success, it is also Unlike Others (Unparallel and Unprecedented).

My point is, don’t be afraid to be different. Start doing things differently. If you just keep doing what everyone else is doing, you lose the real you and you will be just like them. Remember, I asked you to just copy good things from people, I never asked you to become ‘Another them’.


7. Be careful of them!
Ever heard of people who keep saying market is bad, there are no jobs, or there is no money in the market or the sky is falling, world is coming to an end and we are all going to die..hahaha! I am sure you have. These kind of people only attract Negativity. They will always find a problem to every solution.

It might surprise you, but is it a fact that many people became billionaires in America during the period of country’s economic downturn – The Great Depression. Yes, you read it right. These talented beings knew to turn problems into opportunities while everyone else was busy worrying and blaming economy and country.

Just remember you are someone who will break the door of opportunity if it doesn’t open for you. You are an ‘Achiever my friend’  …Don’t let situations, people and lack of resources hold you back from achieving your dreams that you have always dreamt of. God Bless!!

Mr. Amit Dubey is a Coach, Soft Skills & Behavioral Trainer, Speaker & Lecturer. He is also the Founder of The Dream Sculptors – Institute for Training & Development.

He has touched thousands of hearts till date and has trained & Coached more than 10,000 people from all walks of life including employees from companies like Castrol, Aditya Birla, Hitachi, HDFC, Canon, ONGC and many more. He has trained Actors, Teachers, Students, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Engineers and the list is endless.

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