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5 Reasons- Why people are behind in their career
The wrong notion
I have met so many employees and what I see, sadly, is that they are not putting in 100% efforts.  One of the reasons is that they think it is company’s work and not their own, so what’s the point working so hard; The company will be benefitted not me. Well, such thoughts would not take us far in life and career.
Let’s take into consideration another set of employees who think differently. They work hard, do late nights(if need be), put in more than 100% almost all the time.  Do you know how they think? They think that in a way they are working for their own selves and not just for their company. Wondering how?
Here’s the explanation! If you work with honesty you learn more, so obviously you grow more. You meet more people, you develop contacts, develop new skills, build resources and before long you become not only a master but also a very resourceful asset. So you become a Person of VALUE. Once that happens you will attract all the Money, Promotion, Appreciation & Accolades that everyone wants, but not many are willing to pay the price for it.

Not taking responsibility and accountability of their work:
When I meet Human resource officers, Heads of departments, or even owners of Organisations,
I hear many of them talk about one common concern – “Many employees don’t take complete accountability and responsibility of their work”. People do the blame game & no one really wants to roll up the sleeves and get things done. Especially if there is a problem, not many actually would want to come forward and take the charge to steer the boat out of the storm.

But hey ! do you know that we should not back out of such stormy situations at work? Infact, it is the best time to show that you are a person with calibre and you have what it takes to be a leader. Mahinder Singh Dhoni is the biggest example of how taking responsibility of your work can not only help you in your career but also the entire team.

The Dying hunger
When most of us reach a decent position at work, we become comfortable. We have a job which gives us financial security, keeps us warm in winters (metaphorically) and we know that we are more or less settled there. In all of this, the spark we had when we started our career begins to slowly fade away. We are not as passionate, enthusiastic and  revolutionary as we were when we had just started our career. We, in a way, wanted to change the world and things around us, but now that Spark is beginning to grow dim somehow…

When we had started our career, we wanted to do so many things, wanted to learn so many things, but what happened now, why aren’t we taking new initiatives?? Infact when a new responsibility or a task is given, most people want to run away from it. And then we blame our life for being boring & monotonous ; and our job and management for not being rewarding.

Becoming Complacent
After we have a good number of years of experience under our belt we tend to become complacent. We think that we know a lot of stuff. Well! that is good but it shouldn’t stop us from being open to new ideas and learnings. I have seen so many people who are seniors and are not open to learn new things from their juniors. You know once I read that even Mr. Adi Godrej sits himself down once in a while with young employees to understand and learn new things, and it helps him in knowing the current trend in the market.

To add to this, I also notice that many don’t do regular polishing of their skills. The don’t learn, they don’t upgrade, they don’t change until they are told to or are forced to.

The missing Fighting spirit
We live in a world today where our life is filled with challenges, disappointments and stress. Some are stressed because of other people, some are stressed because of their financial instability and some due to bad health. But trust me, whatever the case, you are not alone. Everyone has some problem or the other and everyone is trying their best to deal with their own set of problems.

But hey, isn’t that life? Hustle and struggle is a part of life; it is inevitable. Isn’t life similar to the game of snakes and ladders. We keep running up and down, keep falling and keep rising. One right opportunity and you could be right on top in no time. Some reach the top before others and some reach there eventually. But we all do reach our destination (our goals, dreams and targets). All you gotta do is just keep moving inch by inch everyday. Don’t quit, don’t lose hope and one day you find yourself sitting in the hall of fame! Chin up soldier and keep Marching!

To your Success!
Amit Dubey

Mr. Amit Dubey is a Coach, Soft Skills & Behavioral Trainer, Speaker & Lecturer. He is also the Founder of The Dream Sculptors – Institute for Training & Development.

Amit Dubey has touched thousands of hearts till date and has trained & Coached more than 10,000 people from all walks of life including employees from companies like Castrol, Aditya Birla, Hitachi, HDFC, Canon, ONGC and many more. He has trained Actors, Teachers, Students, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Engineers and the list is endless.

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