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Welcome to a world where we help you sculpt your dreams to reality. At Dream Sculptors we help you become successful in your Professional as well as your Personal life. Wondering how??

We conduct tailor-made, highly effective and result driven Training and Coaching Programs on Soft Skills & Behavioral aspects.

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We believe

that we are all born with one great gift, which is our ability to learn. No matter what strata of society we were born in, our future will be determined by how much we commit ourselves to Learning and Excellence. However, If we don’t learn and upgrade, we will be as good as an outdated technology. But we truly are aware that you understand the seriousness and significance of these professional Skills.
Here is how we can help you achieve Mastery & Excellence so you can stand out of the herd and create you own path to Success.

In-House programs Corporate TrainingOne on One CoachingOnline TrainingCSR Projects
In-House programs
At our centre we offer courses in Basic & Advanced English, Business Communication, Personality Development & Grooming, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, Voice and Accent, Mastering Interview Skills, Train the Trainer, Emotional Intelligence, Email/ Telephone & Dining Etiquette, Ielts/ Toefl/ Pte, Counselling & Motivation.

For your specific needs we also customize and tailor-make programs for your special requirements. For e.g. Making a custom made program by combining key elements like Business English, Personality development and Grooming along with Interview Skills.

Corporate Training
For our corporate clients we offer Soft Skill Programs, Behavioural Programs, Coaching, Motivational Programs, Sales & Service Excellence Training, Leadership, Train the Trainer, Time Management, Work Life Balance, Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, Call Centre Training and Tailor-made programs (highly Customized) for situation-based needs.
Popular Programs Special Programs
One on One Coaching
Personalized One on One Coaching
We also conduct Personal (One on One) coaching sessions for people who seek customized Individual training, at their own convenience in our Centre /at their Home or Office.
Online Training
Even if you stay far geographically, that still shouldn’t be a reason to not learn and grow. We offer all our courses Online for aspirants who would like to be benefited from our highly Effective and Transformational Training programs.
CSR Projects
We work in partnership with corporate seeking to utilize their resources for CSR activities to generate employability skills amongst the under privileged few.
Allow us to leave you with a thought!
Any journey about life begins with a Dream, followed by Goal- Setting, Planning, Execution and eventually the Achievement. But at times, either we think small and limit ourselves, or we don’t change with time and never upgrade. Whatever the case, we suggest, start from where you are and start with what you have, as the time will never be just right. Take Action IMMEDIATELY!
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Remember!! The best investment you would ever make in life would be on your IMPROVEMENT!
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It was a wonderful experience attending your Train The Trainer sessions. You have inculcated the ability to become a brilliant speaker. Thanks to you, I’ve become a Soft Skills Trainer in my company.
Manasi Chavan | Trainer, Tata Institute of Social Science
For a Professional career in corporate world, Business Communication and Complete Professional Development defines ones’ success. Amit Sir has got all these coaching Skills and has helped us in honing our Speaking, Writing and Presentation Skills. It helps us a lot in our Personal and Professional growth. Thank you!
Parag Gharat | Manager, JP Morgan
The Coaching sessions that I attend at The Dream Sculptors with Mr. Amit Dubey has kept me focused on my goals. It has improved my confidence. I believe a good Mentor/ Trainer not only has the needed knowledge but should also have the empathy and thoughtfulness towards Mentee’s needs. Amit Has Both!
Shaila James | Assistant Manager |Integreon
Sales is the most dreaded word for a lot of people. But if we could break it down and simplify it, we would realize it isn’t as hard as we are made to believe. Mr. Dubey has shared valuable insights, methodologies, strategies and tricks of trade to help us overcome a lot of barriers and obstacles, that come our way during a sales process. Good Luck to You!
Pooja Poghat | Assistat Manager, HDFC